Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Why We Are Different

The Woodlands Behavioral Health & Wellness Center is a unique practice that uses a multimodal integrated team approach to treat the whole client and their significant others. The Integrated Treatment Model therefore focuses on parent counseling, family and marital therapy in addition to Individual therapy.
Our assessment center resources allow us to accurately diagnose our clients, identify co-existing disorders and other related issues such as disturbed sleep and relationship conflicts. An individualized treatment plan, using a wide range of treatment services, is customized for each client to address all the client's specific treatment needs.

We offer medication using safe practices with a specialist psychiatrist but encourage the gold standard recommendation of medication in conjunction with therapy and skills training for the active treatment of mental health disorders. In accordance with the Pediatric Medical Board, alternatives to medication such as behavior therapy are offered and encouraged as the first line of therapy for preschool and young children diagnosed with ADHD. We also encourage alternatives to medication such as cognitive behavioral therapy as the first line of treatment for children and teens diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression Disorders.

We have a multidisciplinary treatment team that includes psychologists, psychiatrists, licensed professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, chemical dependency counselors, educational diagnostician, a wellness consultant and reading specialist all under the same roof. Members of the treatment team are assigned to implement the client's treatment plan and collaborate informally and formally in the weekly team meeting to monitor the client's progress in meeting their treatment goals. 

Our primary treatment goal for each client is client self-management where through education the client understands their diagnosis and through therapy and skills training acquires the skills to be able to take responsibility for managing themselves in partnership with their providers.

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